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FAB Pole Fitness Classes

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From the moment you try your hand at a few spins, you start to experience a buzz for pole and begin to learn more about what your body can be capable of.

When you set foot into our pole studio, you are welcomed into a new world of support. This is a place where you can build unique friendships, have lots of fun and work towards your personal pole goals; while training in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our classes are FAB (For All Bodies) and we understand that Every Body is Unique,: which is why our classes are too. We cover all levels of ability, from the very basics of pole in our Intro To Pole Course and right up to advanced. Some of our classes are mixed levels; so if you aren't too sure where you fit in, contact us and we can find the right class for you. 

Spinning Pole

Want to take your Pole Dancing Journey to the next level?

Moving from static pole to spinning pole. 

Taking skills, moves, tricks and combinations learnt on the static pole, you’ll transition this into effortless, fluid movement! 

Learn to control momentum and perform both slow and controlled movements as well as fast tricks and transitions.

Heels Queen

Unleash your inner queen with our

exotic pole dance classes.

Our students love to empower themselves and this class focuses on sensual exotic pole routine. We take influence from the more traditional pole dance, to create this all levels heels flow class. So pop on your favourite dance heels and body roll into the weekend.


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Sign up here for one of our FAB pole fitness classes and see where your Pole Journey takes you.

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