Pole Jam


Now is the time to put to practice all that you have been learning.

Pole Jams are a great way to get extra practice of moves that you have been working on in class and a great time to train with your pole pals, who may be a different level to you.

  • Get that perfect ‘insta-ready’ shot.

  • Improve moves.

  • Get creative with combos.


Please Note 

Pole Jams have a maximum of 2 people to a pole. 

For your safety, you are prohibited to attempt moves that you have not been taught to do by an instructor.

Classes are suitable for 16+years. You will need to complete the forms and waivers section before attending class.

Pole Jams are 1 hour, an instructor will be present, but no teaching will take place and you are responsible for your own warm-up and cool down.

Want to attend at least once a week? Please see our Monthly Membership Packages 


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

If minimum class numbers are not met, the class may be cancelled; we aim to give as much notice as possible, in this instance.

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